About the Principle

Kendell Renee Kelly, Esq.

Kendell Renee Kelly is a Lifestyle Lawyer (TM) and strategist specializing in the intellectual property, business, sports and entertainment industries.

On the road to creating that area of practice, Kendell was accepted into a dual-degree program on a NASA scholarship and went away to college a menacing 700 miles away from home at the age of 16. After completing the W.I.S.E. (Women in Science & Engineering) program, she went to law school at Georgetown University.

Kendell went on to create the practice that she’s always dreamed of and has since coined it as “Lifestyle Law.” Her practice consists of a mix of intellectual property, entertainment, internet and business law. She’s an advisor to a roster of clients that include importers, entertainers, restauranteurs, clothing designers, and business owners among others. She handles a wide variety of business issues including website domain names, litigation disputes, copyright protection, business formation and dissolution to name a few. “I counsel clients on how to better protect and grow their brands using technology and the law. Occasionally, I get to help them determine what companies they should start or acquire. My practice is unconventional, and that’s the reason I had to create a new term to describe it.”

Currently, Kendell’s practice focuses on counseling private and corporate clients in set-up, protection, strategic planning, monetization and liquidation of intellectual property assets. As an entrepreneur and business owner, Kendell treats clients as if their business and legal needs were her own.

In addition to her practice, Kendell is also a sought after public speaker and social media darling who has been featured in US News & World Report, Crain’s Chicago Business Report, Uptown Magazine, Metro Mix, and a host of other publications and websites.